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Count on the Greatest Los Angeles Shredding

In every company, there are documents and other materials no longer needed, and that takes up unnecessary space, also generating storage costs. However, for the company to get rid of them, it takes more than just throwing them away. In the case of documents, there is a variety of sensitive information and data for the organization, which for no reason should fall into the wrong hands.

Some also other materials, such as textiles or corporate material must be disposed of safely. The wise thing to do is to rely on a leading document & product destruction company in Los Angeles. Among the different options in the market, your best alternative is Sledgehammer Product Destruction. It is essential that you know why we are Prime Los Angeles shredding, and what extraordinary services we have for you.

Why Choose Sledgehammer Product Destruction?

We have over 15 years offering the finest product & paper shredding services in Los Angeles, and our high performance has made us the reference in the industry. We offer certified shredding services, that is, we guarantee the destruction of materials under the highest industry standards.

We have top of the line technologies in the shredding industry, to give you first-class service. We take care of the entire process and guarantee the security of your information at every stage of the process. Our staff is carefully selected and works under the strictest codes of ethics and confidentiality.

What Kind of Premium Shredding do We Offer at Sledgehammer?

  1. Regular Document Shredding

As the best paper shredding company in Los Angeles, we offer secure and confidential disposal of all your company’s sensitive documents. Our certified shredding service is performed under the highest security standards in the information destruction industry. We adhere to the protocols of NAID® (The National Association for Information Destruction) guaranteeing the security of your data and your company. We can take care of that, among other things:

  • Bank Documents
  • Records
  • Contracts & Legal Documents
  • Invoices & Receipts
  • Customer Data
  • Company Information
  1. Scheduled Document Shredding

This is a premium document destruction service in LA CA that allows you to regularly destroy documents, without interrupting your company’s operations. You create a list of the information and documents you want to drop, and we take care of the rest.

This way, you can save time, effort, and money and avoid dedicating part of your staff to these tasks. Besides, you will not have to invest in specialized equipment for the destruction of documents, nor will you need extra space in your company.

  1. Product Shredding

There are some products, for which destruction methods like compaction are not enough. These include clothing, textiles, paper products, electronic waste, and corporate merchandising. We offer a prime service that ensures these products never reach the market or fall into the wrong hands.

For the disposal of these goods, we use our state of the art 40 HP high torque, low-speed, dual shaft plant-based shredder. Safely dispose of any strip size product between 3/4″ and 1 1/4″. We have such competitive pricing, you won’t even wonder how much does it cost for shredding.

Rely on the Experts

If you are looking for the greatest Los Angeles shredding service, you are in the right place. Let the real experts help you in making your documents or products disappear forever, at the best prices in the market. Contact Sledgehammer Product Destruction for the best SoCal B2B destruction services.

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